Project Objectives

Main objective

The overall objective of the POLYPHONIA Project is to preserve and enhance the polyphonic music of the regions of Epirus and South Albania, as an integral cultural element of the intervention area, and to effectively valorise it in the field of thematic tourism. Both of the regions are rich in natural landscape and extraordinary monuments that combined to cultural tradition can provide the impetus for thematic and alternative tourism development of significant inland emergent destinations.


Other specific goals

The specific objectives of the activities foreseen by POLYPHONIA are:

  1. Recording and classification of all polyphonic songs and traditions associated with them in the Intervention Area with respect to their historical and cultural importance;
  2. Strengthening cross-border cooperation in the fields of arts, culture and tourism;
  3. Increase in the number of visitors to the Intervention Area;
  4. Improving the attractiveness of the Intervention Areas,
  5. development of ICT mechanisms and common branding POLYPHONIA, for structured support of tourism advancement;
  6. Training, exchange of knowledge & experiences of professionals and Authorities/Bodies (in relation to musical tradition, its preservation and tourism) at local, regional and cross-border level;
  7. Establishment and institutionalization of events able to attract fans of polyphonic music to the region;
  8. Supporting local tourism and cultural management efforts by providing Regional & Local Authorities with tools to create a strategic vision and plan for their region.


The Project is focused on cross-border cooperation towards the development of thematic and alternative tourism, manifesting a clear tourist orientation, exploiting the cultural asset and intangible heritage of polyphonic music to bring about economic growth through tourism advancement and decrease unemployment, by prolonging the tourist season and tapping new markets, utterly and perfectly in line with S.O.2.1.