POLYPHONIA Project Results

The POLYPHONIA Project was conceived and designed in such a manner, in order to have the following results, after its successful implementation:

  • Contribution to the development of tourism in the intervention area through the promotion of specific common musical traditions;
  • Increased awareness regarding the polyphonic music;
  • Establishment of cultural events with international range and character;
  • Encouragement of further knowledge and information about the polyphonic music through the development of structures for musical and cultural research;
  • Operation of Centres and Museum of Polyphonic Music;
  • Promotion and valorisation of polyphonic music in the field of thematic tourism by the enhancement of its historical, musical & cultural characteristics;
  • Establishment of thematic routes;
  • Increase in expected number of visitors to the area of intervention;
  • Improved capacity of the Project Partners and Stakeholders to sustainably use cultural resources.

The results of the POLYPHONIA Project have a direct impact on the Programme’s result indicator “Annual overnight tourist stays of the CB area” (the baseline value is 9 mil. And will increase 50.000) since the Project actions and results are oriented towards future tourism growth.

Specifically, tourism development will be facilitated through the preservation and valorisation of polyphonic music, especially through the establishment of the cross-border Centers, the POLYPHONIA Network aimed at capacity building and transfer of good practices in terms of cultural preservation and thematic tourism development, the Virtual Reality Museum and Exhibition on polyphonic music, the POLYPHONIA Brand, the annual Festival and Conference etc., all actions to attract tourists and exploit the undeveloped tourism potential of the regions.

These results pave the way for future investments, since the aforementioned Network could be enhanced by the participation of Stakeholders regarding the Polyphonic Music of other Regions with a polyphonic song tradition, such as Corsica, S. Italy, Bulgaria, FYROM etc., in order to scale-up at a broader level of cooperation.